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Re: Gluten free lunches

I wanted to quickly encourage you on your picky eater. My third son was very small (borderline FTT but he always gained, just very, very slowly) and he never drank more than 5oz of formula at a time (unfortunately I didn't make enough bm and it dried up by the time he was 6 weeks, he was losing weight then) and always refused baby food. He'd look at me like I was killing him and choke. I tried everything but he never would eat it. Barely could get him to eat table foods by a year old. It was bad. My older two were great eaters. Not picky at all. I was determined though. Despite his small size, I refused to cater to him (another problem was he was inconsistent even with the foods he would eat!). I continued to give him what I made for everyone else and if he only ate one thing, oh well. By the time he was 3-4, his food issues really were no more. He had adapted to what we ate and no longer showed any indications of being "picky". Some of his favorites absolutely amaze me. Such a quinoa and Brussels sprouts. Never would have guessed that would have happened as this kid had so many texture issues. I'm glad I ignored the advice to give him whatever he wanted and to go to extra means to fatten him up. He is still tiny, but he eats well and gets enough healthy fats so he is healthy. Just small. Just something to think about.
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