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Re: Bedwetting EVERY night at 7 years old

Originally Posted by doublebk View Post
Take them to the chiro!

I had the same problem with my mdd until I took her until I took her to the chiro. Turns out she had a part of her pelvic bone out of place that would press on her bladder when she layed down. She got adjusted and quit wetting the bed. It got dramatically better after one visit, but took a few visits before she quit entirely.

She is still a very hard sleeper and I know that if she every "wakes up" fussing that she has to pee and i take her to the bathroom. Even then, she is not fully awake and will fuss that I am taking her, but she will pee. I know she will outgrow that, but she has never wet since she was adjusted. According to my chiro, it is very common for kids to have this problem. Take them in to be adjusted and be amazed. Seriously!
I have heard of this. I plan on calling my regular chiro to see if he treats kids. If not, I found one online nearby.
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