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Re: Why are REAL pics so hard to take?!?!

Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
Not exactly related, but I have an Avon item listed here that is a battery operated face scrubber, you know like the Neutragena kind? Anyway I put a link to the website so they could see what I was even talking about, since it's a little harder to convey than say "lipgloss" but I said I would post actual pictures if anyone was interested. I don't have any pictures listed, because I don't want to do a lot of work if no ones interested but I definitely am not opposed to posting them if someone wants to see it! I agree, I would not buy something if I didn't see a picture of it. I don't think there's really much buyer protection when you do that.
Here is the thing with that though...99% of the time even if I am interested in the item I won't PM you to ask for pics. It's annoying to have to wait for someone to take and send pics so I'd rather just buy from someone who already has pics up and I can see the item right away. Your really limiting yourself when you don't post actual pics. The only reason I asked tygr for pics of her gymbo stuff is because her prices were great. Normally nothing would make me ask for pics but I wanted to spend some money lol
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