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Re: Any interest in a high risk thread?

Originally Posted by asteiner18 View Post
I am, although nothing like you guys

I had pre-e with my first and preterm labor. My pre-e was pretty bad but nothing like my aunt, she went into cardiac arrest from hers and ended up in a coma for 3 months.
My second I had preterm labor starting at around 30 weeks, full blown at 34 although they stopped it. Both pregnancies I delivered at 37 weeks exactly.
This time I have a even more sensitive cervix than last time ( I was on bedrest with both girls for months, in the hospital with #2 from bleeding).
I am 10 weeks and I have been bleeding daily since 5 weeks. I am on modified bedrest for now, and pelvic rest since 5 weeks. I will be put on full on bedrest by about 20 weeks my doctor said if things do not change. I am mostly concerned because I am a photographer and I have a wedding this weekend. 6 hours of work I can't get out of it but I did get a second shooter thank goodness. I told my doctor and he okay'd it just said to sit as often as possible. Prayers that Saturday goes well please!
It sounds like you have a long road ahead of you! I hope that you are able to carry to term. Prayers that the wedding goes off well for you!

Originally Posted by Van1300 View Post
Just wanted to send my support. I am 3 months post with baby number two and was on modified bed rest from 32 weeks on after getting pneumonia. Then I struggled with high blood pressure, high fluid levels and gestational diabetes. Oh and a gigantic headed baby!!. I had so many appointments and blood tests in the end. I was sent to labor and delivery a few weeks in a row.

I made it to 37 weeks and had a smooth scheduled repeat c- section (stalled labor with my first). Everything has been great since. I know you all can make it and I hope for nothing but positive outcomes for all of you!!!
My son's head is already measuring almost a week ahead. I am thankful he can't come out of me the old fashion way! Glad everything went well for you!

Originally Posted by AwesomeJen View Post
I'm high risk because of IC. My docs are placing my cerclage on Thursday at 14 weeks. Hoping all goes well. My last cerclage was the most difficult they have ever done because of my anatomy. Its scary, but necessary for me to make out to term.
I am sorry you are having to deal with an IC. However I have only seen good things with Cerclage once it is placed. I have even known some women who got it done prior to conception. I hope all goes well with you! Many prayers for Thursday. You are exactly 3 weeks behind me!
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