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Let me ask this.

Where do you think your list pet SHOULD go?

Do you have ANY idea what is costs to run a shelter?

Most people who go beyond the 10day holds DO NOT want their pets. Pets can not be held indefinitely. Due to cost and due to the fact that they are not a material item. They have needs.

What happened in this situation was sad. I agree. But I am guessing this pet was not chipped. Nor did grandma look for pet. That is clear. If either of the above things took place, the pet would be with owner. What if owner was on cruise?!?? Owner should have picked a responsible pet sitter who would actually LOOK for pet. The first Step? Call shelters. Everyone knows that.

Now, let's pretend we can 'hold' a doggie until his Owner appears. Who pays that bill? Owner did not 'consent' to the fees. So they often abandon pet anyways.

This is HOW it works people. The shelter did what it could/should to SAVE a life. The previous (not rightful) should be thankful their pet lives.

And also- the term rightful is NOT the previous owner. That was proved in a court of law here. I know that case very well and it was very very similar to this case.

You can not expect anything of new owner outside of loving and caring for her new pet. I find it incredibly sad people are acting like she stole this dog. I work with lots of rescue dogs, shelters and owners turning their pets in or abandoning them.

Don't like the system? Donate money to shelters. A lot of money. So they can hold dogs indefinitely to be sure no owner appears. For that 1% chance that an owner appears after adoption.
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