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Re: Part-time EC success questionnaire.

Originally Posted by MichelleKiley View Post
I'm a bit of a part-time EC-er.
Baby girl wears cloth diapers, but we catch somewhere around 5-8 times a day.

I'm wondering about part-timers who are farther down the road than me.

1. How "EC" are you? Do you use diapers? Do you go diaper free? Somewhere inbetween?

2. How old is your baby/child?

3. When did your child start to understand the concept of going to the potty (without you putting them there )? When s/he started walking? Talking? Later?

I'm in no rush for my babe to head to the potty on her own. I'm just wondering what is normal. I don't know anyone "in real life" who does this! Sometimes I feel like such a hippie. haha.
I'm afraid I'm not further down the road than you. I am, in that I have a toddler who has already gone through potty training and I'm not in that I have a baby about 10.5 months old who I am trying this out with.

We use diapers ALL the time. Even right after a successful potty usage. I just haven't felt like I can leave her naked. And she gets a lot less naked time than my first daughter did. I think it's mainly because there's so much going on and I don't feel like I want to risk accidents.

With my youngest I put her on the potty every morning when I get up and every time I go to the bathroom myself if she is awake. I was getting 100% usage, even if it was just a few drops until we got sick and I slacked off of it a bit.

With my older daughter, I think I did it less and definitely not so young. I introduced her potty around 12 months, I think.

When you ask question #3, do you mean the concept of physically going to the potty and using it, or do you mean the concept/feeling of knowing when they need to eliminate?

My 10.5 month old isn't walking yet. She has signed potty and held it until I got her there. But she's only done that a couple of times.

My older daughter was about 18 months when she started asking for the potty to go poop. It took her longer to ask for pee.
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