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Re: Thinking about training pants... Help?

I used Flip Trainers for my daughter, but she was already over 20 lbs. I liked that they had the organic cotton soakers because they held a lot but she knew when she was wet. I doubled the soakers up for overnights. It is PUL, but we didn't have problems with breathability. I will say though that she tended to get a little heat/pimple rash in the small of her back where her skin was in contact with the fabric outer of the PUL instead of the organic cotton.

I haven't tried them, but Homestead Emporium has some "Dundies" for training. They are very comfortable looking boy shorts that I think are fleece. For absorbency they have soakers that snap around the crotch like Mama Cloth. I think that would help them breath better. I may check them out.
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