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Re: Part-time EC success questionnaire.

We use BGEs at night and other AIOs during the day, but have been taking DD to the potty since birth, and she goes about 1/2 the time now at 15 months. Our LO seems to be a "weird" one in the sense that she will not tell us when she poops...if we catch a poo it's totally by accident, and it rarely happens. She loves to pee on the potty, though and at night will wake up about 3 times to go pee. Lately (within the last month) she's been bringing me her potty ring during the day when she wants to go (we use that in the bathroom and a baby bjorn potty in her room) and she'll start to take off her pants (hasn't quite figured it out yet, but she tries and pulls on them). She started walking at around 12 months, no words or signing yet.
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