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Re: Natural bubble bath - using dish soap

Originally Posted by debcita429 View Post
Biokleen makes a dish soap that doubles as a bubble bath, but the fact is that it is a TERRIBLE dish soap that does not cut grease in the slightest (makes for a fairly cheap bubble bath though). Most dish soaps would strip oils from the skin too much, I would think. I suspect Earth Friendly Products Dish Mate might also work in the bath... precisely b/c they don't work all that much better than Biokleen in the dishpan (in fact, I wish I had thought of that while I was struggling to use the Earth Friendly pear dish mate up... it would have made a good smelling bath).

So generally, I wouldn't recommend it.... But some of the weaker natural products might be gentle enough. And giving it a try certainly doesn't make you a bad mom!
I think I read once about someone using Biokleen dish soap for bubble bath. I'm going to check Amazon to see how different the ingredients are from seventh generation. I already use Biokleen for my laundry soap, love their stuff.

I would definitely not use dawn or any dish soap like that in the tub.. I figured seventh generation would be better since its natural/biodegradable.

I'll be sure to put lots of Shea butter on the little man tonight in case it dried out his skin!
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