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Monday: bath toys/stuff... got rid of 12 squirt toys and some baby wash that she can't use anymore. I did add a few new toys for the bath.

Tuesday: Not really meds or anything but I got rid of 8 bottles of lotion I had received as gifts that I will never use.

Wednesday: I haven't done the kitchen yet. That was in the plan for this weekend and it just didn't happen. However, we have big plans to purge A TON of stuff and just leave enough for a day.

Thursday: I cleaned out the diaper bag. Took out all the extras (mostly trash).

Friday: I cleaned out DD's room and play room. WOW.

Ready to see what I purged this week?? 8 packing boxes, two tubs, a trash can, and three baby toys that don't fit in boxes. YAYYY!

PS... I didn't get rid of the sweet blue eyed baby

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