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Re: Finding OB in 3rd trimester...?

I switched OB's literally the day they induced me (long story, SO glad I escaped my crazy first OBs) but they definitely do take patients on late in the game - people move, things happen, they expect that. Don't know what kind of mental issues but if they are depression-related or anxiety-related, you're also at a slightly higher risk for lower birth weight and premature labour so it would probably be good to be in touch with an OB. I'll be honest, where I am they all do it in a "shared practice" anyway, so I only met the dude who delivered my baby the day I was induced. And it really wasn't weird, and he was skilled at what he did, so I was happy. Also, maybe your midwife could suggest a midwife who does have hospital privileges? Otherwise, maybe look at getting a doula to support you as well?
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