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Re: Homeschool check in Feb 14th-28th

Jen, we should have had a play date last month when we had pox. My kids are all done oldest had the vax when she was a year and a half, and now my younger two have had the pox.
Congrats on your pregnancy, how exciting! When are you due, October-ish?

Lyn, I totally feel you on the throwing in the towel...but then we don't really. LOL ((hugs)) I hope the rest of this week has been better and ends well!

Heather, Oh I didn't think you were judging or criticizing me with my daughter watching Rugrats. It's just one of those things where you watched it as a kid, so you thought it was fine, and then as a parent you think, hmm, maybe not! Except that I hadn't thought of it with Rugrats until you said something.

dalynnrmc, Hi and welcome!

lyn, I hope your kiddos get better soon! DS got a cold last week, passed it to DD2, who passed it to me. DS is better, but DD2 and I still have it. I took DD2 to Urgent Care on Saturday because she wasn't sleeping at night, running a fever at night, and possibly seemed to have an earache. The PA at Urgent Care said one ear was fine, the other seemed a little red, but I guess no actual infection. He prescribed antibiotics anyway. Her lungs were clear, just upper respiratory junk.

AFU-We didn't get much school done last week, with the yucky cold that DS got he didn't feel like doing anything, and then he shared with DD2 and then I got it. We watched Pocahontas (the first movie I ever saw in theater) and then Pocahontas 2. DD1 did some lessons, and DS did a little. Neither of them did as much as I was hoping, but that's life. We did some Valentine's crafts and activities too. Did anyone else do fun Valentine's stuff?

We have a pretty busy week ahead. I keep thinking I want to cut something out, because when my DS had chicken pox and we were home all week, we got so much school done! I can't figure out what to cut though. Actually, what I want to cut is DS's speech therapy! lol Or at least take it down to one day instead of two days a week. Oh well, one day he'll decrease or graduate....and then I'm sure we'll find something esle to occupy that time. haha! We had swimming lessons today, tomorrow is speech and we are finally taking our truck to be fixed from the hail damage from the storm almost a year ago! We have to take it 45 minutes away because the closer shop is still so backed up, this other shop is teaming up with them to take some of the load off. We'll have a rental for a week or so, until the truck is done. We can't all fit in DH's car, plus it's a stick and I don't know how to drive a stick. The kids have AWANA in the evening tomorrow, and DH and I are going to get fro-yo as a "date" (and DD2 will be our +1 lol).
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