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Re: Vacation rental discrimination!

I fear this happening to us in the future. We have 3 boys. 7, 4 and 19 months and another baby on the way. We already get discriminated again when getting a hotel room. We have to lie about the number of children as they only allow 2 per room meaning we would have to rent 2 rooms for our family. Maybe when this baby comes we will for comfort and space but right now it is not needed. We just got a suit and DH paid for the room and we all came back later so they would not notice all the kids.

Also I agree that an owner should get the say on who rents their property however I think they should disclose exactly what they mean. Also when we go out we watch the kids so their is not damage done like one pp mentioned. Curtains ripped from walls ect. However even my MIL thinks my boys would ruin everything if they could get their hands on it and she has been around to see that they dont!
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