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Re: Starting a Mama Cloth Stash

Bump for a related question of my own...

What would you ladies recommend as a complete *postpartum only* mama cloth stash, for someone who normally uses a Diva Cup, and won't use pads anytime except after giving birth, since you *have* to while you are recovering? I bled very heavily for SIX WEEKS postpartum, so I would need some pretty thick pads. I was using super maximum or whatever the thickest disposable pads are and changing them ever 2-4 hours sometimes after by first baby. I had a 3rd degree tear too, so if I tear this time, I think mama cloth would be nice to have because it's softer. I really don't care about prints since nobody is going to see it but me - just something that will hide stains and is comfortable and absorbs well.
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