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Re: Starting a Mama Cloth Stash

Originally Posted by filiadeluna View Post
Bump for a related question of my own...

What would you ladies recommend as a complete *postpartum only* mama cloth stash, for someone who normally uses a Diva Cup, and won't use pads anytime except after giving birth, since you *have* to while you are recovering? I bled very heavily for SIX WEEKS postpartum, so I would need some pretty thick pads. I was using super maximum or whatever the thickest disposable pads are and changing them ever 2-4 hours sometimes after by first baby. I had a 3rd degree tear too, so if I tear this time, I think mama cloth would be nice to have because it's softer. I really don't care about prints since nobody is going to see it but me - just something that will hide stains and is comfortable and absorbs well.
Well, it's a bit of self promotion for myself, but you can also buy the pattern from Very Baby's website, which is not self-promotion...

I sell the Baby Moon shells - I'm pretty sure I'm the only licensed seamstress making them now that Very Baby got sold off... But they are big shells (I make the main part wipeable) and they come with inserts to put in the shell. Also, an ice pocket. Hopefully this doesn't turn out huge:

I sell them as made-to-order listings here but you can also buy the pattern here. (Hehe, that's also my picture of the pink/green shell on the pattern page.)

I was thinking for heavy bleeders that it may be more efficient to use an infant prefold folded in thirds to catch the blood, though I haven't tried it to be sure that the shell would be deep enough for all that cloth...

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