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Re: Postpartum closet try-on after second child

I still haven't wandered into my closet to try on... yet. It's so ridiculous I am having such a hard time with this... it's those dadgum brand new suits hanging in the back, that I only wore once. FWIW, it was one of those shopping experiences of a lifetime. I walked into Dillards with zero expectations and walked out with a whole wardrobe of new suits I bought on clearance....even better, not a single one needed to be altered, which is rare for me since I am petite.

Originally Posted by Spicymustard View Post
I fit in my clothes no problem after my first. After my second was a bit different.
This scares me...

Originally Posted by The Fancy Pansy View Post
I changed drastically after my first, but remained mostly the same after my second (but took me much longer to lose the weight). I just had a little more tummy pooch after #2.
This is what I am hoping for!
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