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Re: Baby Led Weaning

i freak out over the gagging LOL but over the past couple days i am getting used to it...she is much happier mashing some avocado on her tray and taking a bite here and there over a spoon going anywhere near her face so i guess it is working for her! makes less work for me without making all her baby food although i did enjoy it with my previous babies and seeing all the bags in the freezer lined up of fruits and veggies is so pretty!
Originally Posted by Pampered Mama View Post
Don't bother with purees- and please skip the rice cereal- it is void of any nutrition, and taste!

instead of mushing up the avocado, make it into slices or cubes- you can also just hand her half a banana (or set it on her tray). Let her play with it, and experiment- and don't worry about how much she actually eats- BM is her main source of food right now!

She may gag on stuff she gets in her mouth- don't be too quick to "help" wait a second- they need to learn how far back to let it get- it may give you a start and you think they are choking- but almost always, they are just gagging because it got a little too far back, and will work it out themselves- watch some videos on youtube of BLW- gagging vs. choking :-)
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