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Re: What do you do while breastfeeding???

Originally Posted by BigSamsMom View Post
The weirdest/funniest thing I have ever done while nursing is get my cervix checked at my 6 week postpartum checkup... Like PP who got the Brazilian wax, DS2 would not wait. My Doc was very understanding. I guess the other funny one, was grocery shop with DS2 latched on, got a lot of grins and shocked looks... I say thank GOD for those drapey cardigans (that you can tie in front) being in style.... love those as an on-the-go nursing cover.
I clip nails while nursing (DS1 & 2, along with my own). 3 year old DS1 sits beside us and we catch up on his day, watch TV, or play on his iPad. Obviously I surf the internet. I've mended clothes and paid bills too!
LOL!!! Yeah, we obviously have boys who know what they want when they want it.
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