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Re: ugh. fetal positioning issues. baby is IN my right hip.

Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
yes it will cause issues as the ligament on that side is not allowing baby to fully drop or be in the right position. getting adjusted or you putting pressure on the ligament will allow it to relax and baby will shift IMMEDIATELY. it doesnt feel good but once baby drops its so much better. and yes, labor can be much longer as well as pushing if you do not correct that.

if you see a chiro, ask for the websters technique
Thanks! This is what I am concerned about.

I will def be seeing a chiro sometime this week. I am 37 wks exactly today, and I wanted to wait for the magic number 37 wks before I got the adjustment, just in case it send me into labor (highly doubtful, but I'd hate to get the adjustment and go into labor at 36w6d and have to deliver in a hospital!! (MW here cannot attend homebirths prior to 37 wks)). So before the week is out, I will see a chiro. Just have to arrange child care.

I will ask about the webster technique! Thanks!
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