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Re: Those who gave birth in a car or accidentallu at home....

We were planning a HB but I delivered very, very quickly, so we had nothing prepared. I labored on the toilet some, then moved to the kitchen, I just waddled with a towel between my legs. My water broke when I was in bed, but there was no GUSH of fluid b/c my baby's head was engaged at that point. He came flying out and DH had to deliver him.

We did have a birth tub set up, but not even enough time to fill it more than maybe 4". I delivered in the tub. So most of the mess was there.

But we also had a mess in our kitchen - blood and amnio fluid and tissue - which wasn't a huge deal b/c it was a lanolium floor. We just cleaned it up and then sanitized everything.

There were some dribbles and drips in the hallway and bathroom. The toilet had to be cleaned and the shower. We scrubbed the hallway as best we could.

In a car, we would be totally screwed. If I had the presence of mind, I'd rather deliver on the side of the road in the grass than actually IN the car. I'd be so worried about the stink of rotting tissue/bodily fluids...

Maybe just get a tarp and keep it in the car just in case. If you are at home, you can always stay in the tub/shower and the mess will be contained. Or at least try to stay over a hard floor so that it isn't soaking into the carpet.
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