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Re: SBish: HLC or OBF for nights

Originally Posted by Quickshep19 View Post
Why doesn't Sbish make OBF with T&T legs? Does OBF not work well in that style?

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What does T&T mean? And while I'm at it, what does HLC mean?

Originally Posted by MrsJordan85 View Post
I had some OBFs with DD, and they got so stiff. Does this always happen or is there a way to prevent it?
I have some OBF BBHs and they get stiff even when I dry them in the dryer on medium (they're still damp and need to sit out on the drying rack until they are completely dry). I have been drying them on the "light dry" setting, letting them dry all day on the drying rack (by the time the diapers are ready to go into the dryer, it's morning), then I collect them all up in the evening and throw them back into the dryer for a 10 min timed dry. Then I lay them back out again and let them finish drying overnight and they end up nice a floppy and soft when they're completely dry. So idk why, but it helps to give them a short spin in the dryer before they're completely dry. (And, yeah, it's a pain, but the things we do for our babies Besides, it only takes 5 minutes to lay them back out again).
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