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Re: Is this punishment enough?


I emailed the teacher last night and heard back from her. Ds will lose the reward party at the end of this week because he really hadn't earned it last week. He is not getting an additional punishment. Which is fair IMO. He wouldn't have lost the reward party last week solely based on the forgetting his planner, that was just the tip of the iceburg so speak on his behavior. They start the week with 10 character counters. You can earn more for various things or lose them for bad behavior, not have the planner signed, turning work in late...etc. You must have 5 by the end of the week to earn the reward party. By Thursday he was down to 6. He knew he would have lost 2 for not having his planner signed and that would take him down to 4 and therefore not enough to earn the reward. I am satisfied with the resolution and I hope ds has learned his lesson. The teacher had a chat with him as well and I know he doesn't like to disappoint her. She is a wonderful teacher and I think the worst part of the punishment was having to face her with what he did because he adores her.

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