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Re: Starting, totally overwhelmed.

We did do school and call it that at age 2 with both of my kids. Really it was similar to circle time and it started out around 5 minutes and grew to about 15. If I lost their attention, we stopped. We opened with prayer, read a story, did a few flash cards, and I use Hooked on Phonics as a guide for introducing letters/sounds. We do math with food and fingers at that age. Aside from that we'd read at nap and bedtime, sometimes after supper. We also did a lot of intentional play like PP have mentioned. I'd rather have 5 or 10 minutes of focused time than 1 hour of fighting to get your kids to sit still. Personally I think it sets a tone in the house to do school at a certain time each day and call it that- even from a young age. My kids have never known anything different. Some kids are ready for school at an earlier age than others. DS1 was reading and talking about multiplication at age 3 without knowing what to call it. DS2 isn't behind at all but he doesn't seem as advanced as DS1 which is A-OK with me. What I'm most concerned with is that they LOVE learning and both of my kids do

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