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When I pick up our daughter (26 months) from daycare she doesn't really want to go home as she's having fun. So she starts a tantrum right away. I say lets change your shoes (it's cold here) and she's already screaming as she loves her daycare shoes. So I wait then give up and start taking them off. SCREAM!!! Everyone's looking by now. Then comes the jacket. While she is violently screaming and trying to take her boots off often successfully and rolling on the floor I'm trying to put the jacket on. Fail. Eventually we get ready but I often give up on the shoes because she just keeps taking all shoes off. And putting her daycare shoes on. Then scream don't want hat. Finally I grab her across the torso like a log and walk out lock her into a car seat while screaming and drive 700m (2,000 feet) home then undress at home all the while she's screaming like mad now because her nose is clogged. Then we don't want to wash hands. SCREAM! All in all it's about 20mins of a tantrum a few times a week. I am at my wits end help!!!!
Happy family of 3 plus a kitty. Hoping for a few more down the road.

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