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Re: Having a mini-stroke, please advise me!

Thanks for the room recommendations, we'll definitely be looking into it!

And yessss.... TECHNICALLY there is family we CAN stay with BUT I'd rather eat ramen noodles 3x a day before I did that. LOL. Its my grandparents and while they are AMAZING with watching them 3x a week for a few hours and weekend visits, they probably won't do too well with us staying there. Not to mention hardly any room and its just overall stressful. Trying to keep the kids quiet while there PLUS trying to put them to bed whilemy grandparents are blaring their TV until 10-11pm just doesn't mesh well for us. I couldn't imagine trying to study around all that as well. Plus i like my privacy and want to be able to walk around naked if I wish and I'm really picky on how I want my kids to eat, and they're not. And if I live elsewhere I can at least pack the kids a breakfast/lunch when they go, kwim?

I know it sounds like I'm being too picky or demanding, but I honestly don't want the stress of trying to keep my kids behaving the way I want and eating what I want and just DOING what I want while I'm trying to graduate. Plus I don't want my grandparents calling my mom to complain about what I do with the kids, like they probably will. *sigh* 23 years old and they feel the need to still tattle on me to my mommy.

I love them, I would do anything for them, I *have* done anything for them *including taking care of them with a NEWBORN (think fresh out of the hospital) while one had pneumonia. But live with them I could never do. Last time I did that, it lasted 4 months and I ran off and got married after only knowing my husband for 2 months. LOL
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