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I have had many JJB's including the BFF and I CD. I found it had plenty room for my nb's stuff,my stuff,plus a few things like change of cloths for my toddler. I actually used it for two in cloth for a couple months before my toddler trained! I sold it for another JJB because it was too much bag for me for everyday errands which is what I was using it for. I could have kept it for an all day bag but I don't do a lot of all day activities and if I do I have another JJB in my trunk at all times with extra cloths and dipes just in case. So it depends on your lifestyle. I use to carry a big 'old diaper bag with essentials AND just in case stuff that never actually got used, then i got smarter instead of working harder and put all that just in case stuff in a bag that's always in the car....and guess what the bag in the car RARELY gets touched. I was always carrying extra for nothing! It took me 5 kids to figure this out but hey!lol I guess I'm a reformed over packer?

Anywho the BFF fit four bulky Pocket dipes,two changes of cloths(toddler and newborn)receiving blanket,first aid kit with ointment extra,cloth wipes,spray bottle with wipes solution,plus all my stuff (wallet,phone,keys,sunglasses,BUISSNESS cards) in the mommy pocket. Water bottle on one side,sippy on the other.

You can throw them in the washing machine to make them good as new, although some ground in dirt dosent always come off the lighter/white prints.

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