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Adorable girly pockets! Embroidered fuzzi bunz, fuzzi fannies, starbunz!

Medium Purple Fuzzi Bunz with princess embroidered on the bum, good condition, elastic is still mostly stretchy, and the inside doesnt have any stains, but maybe slightly dingy. $14ppd

Fuzzi Fannies pocket diaper with flower, size medium, very good condition. Elastic and pul in good condition, bright blue inside, no stains except on the leg gusset there is a very slight yellowish, very hard to notice, and I think it is dirt/dust from being stored, and may come out in wash. I couldnt get it to show in photos. $13ppd

Medium Starbunz Pink Puppy, Very good condition other than pilly. No stains, elastic and pul in good condition! $18 ppd

Fuzzi Fannies Cherry Pocket Diaper in vey good condition, size small, no stains, elastic and pul in good condition, fabric just a little pilly. $13 ppd

small purple old style fuzzi bunz in good condition, elastic and pul still seem to be in good condition, no staining. $9 ppd

Small butter and small hot pink old style fuzzi bunz in fair condition. No staining, but elastic is very loose. Yellow has a small stain on the outside (back), but I think it is dirt from storage that will wash out. $10 ppd for both.

Please make an offer if you dont like the prices! If you buy multiple I will discount. No inserts are included, if you want a microfiber insert, I can add one for $2 more.

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