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Re: February Chat Thread

Ohhhh Dalynn I'm so sorry! Was it awful? Do you know for sure it's done now?

We heard yesterday that our case was officially closed. I feel like I can finally breathe. It was horrible. The SW is giving me a little bit of a hard time about being angry with biomom and unwilling to even be there for handoffs at supervised visitation. I told her I need some time and distance from this nightmare. Mom texted on Sunday night basically saying that since it's been a couple of days I should not be angry anymore, and I need to see it from her perspective, and that she hopes it won't jeopardize our communication. Fat freaking chance!!! I'm pissed. I feel like I was attacked and violated. I feel like my family was under a microscope and I was treated like a common criminal, questioned by numerous police and hospital staff and the tone was all skeptical like they believed I had done it.

Somehow in these situations I wish that they could take into account the reputation of the accuser and accusee. Drug addict with numerous kids (none of which are in her care) versus background checked, licensed foster home with a perfect track record and 37 placements over the last six years. I know they would have still done it but the tone and perspective could have been that they just need to document it, not that they felt like I could have done something so heinous.

Sigh. Just glad it's done. In other news, the baby is just lovely. She's three weeks now and we are enjoying every moment of it. Her dispo hearing is next week and the GAL called already and is coming out to meet her and see the house tomorrow. We just got assigned an ongoing worker and she is coming out to see her on Monday. Glad this case is moving right along, from what I've heard so far neither bio parent are interested at all. Mom is on the run and alleged dad so far isn't even willing to fill out initial paperwork. Could be an easy one...... (hopefully not jinxing myself here)
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