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Re: Toddler Tantrums - need help :(

what the daycares policy about pickup? can they help you out and just have her ready to go until you can get pickups smoothed out?

if they cant, or you dont pickup at the same time (so they dont know when to expect you), I would just throw the shoes and jacket in the bag and carry her out as is. If its rainy or terribly freezing, throw a blanket over her.

For everyone elses sake, just get her picked up quickly. nobody else needs the chaos of hearing a kid screaming and mom struggling with them every day. but please dont feel that that is me saying you are doing something wrong. i do daycare in my home. its very common for toddlers to have meltdowns during transitions. i have the kids completely ready and do pickups at the door for that reason but i know that is not realistic for every daycare setup
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