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Re: Do you replace your MF inserts?

My mf inserts seem just as absorbant as they were 6 months ago...they each hold around 9 ounces. I have stripped them all once with a long soak in RNG Funk Rock because I have hard water.

They fit very well into those small Swiffer type floor brooms and they do work well for that. I am on the fence with mf inserts because they do work well for my son- very absorbant for trimness- but I HATE stuffing with them because it wrecks the skin on my hands. I have just about replaced all of mine with other natural fiber inserts or prefolds.

It annoys me that now I am stuffing with a hodge podge of various inserts, hemp doublers, prefolds and the'd be nice to have them all the same, but since it's just me stuffing them, I'd rather not have the mf. (My hemp and other inserts have all been bought a few at a time to spread out the cost because I have 20 pockets, and they are all different brands and sizes so that's one thing I would change if I were doing it again....just find what I liked to use and then get enough for all of the pockets.)
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