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Re: Tethered spinal cord?

I wouldn't get too freaked out just yet. Chances are if they are just basing their concerns on a deeper then normal dimple or something superficial things will be fine.

If by chance he does have tethered cord then treatment will depend on the type of tethering and the degree of tethering. I will give you two warnings though.

1. At this young of an age the cord could be tethered but not restricted enough to show up during testing. If in a year or so symptoms show up do what ever you need to do to get someone to take it seriously and order a follow up MRI to double check. Yes, this personally happened with my son.

2. Even the lowest risk tethered cord surgery comes with 5% risk and the risks only get higher the more complex the surgery needs to be. I tell you this because parents of children with tethered cord tend to place emphasis on the risks of leaving things be but no one really talks about the dangers of neurosurgery. You need to make sure you go into this informed about both sides of the problem.

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