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Re: Anyone with a child with an immunodeficiency disorder?

I knew we weren't the only ones out there who are battling with something like this but I just haven't found anyone else locally.

Our youngest has selective IgA deficiency, which is the most common. I guess most fall on the side of the spectrum of it not being a deal. DS2 is on the other side and has completely absent levels. He gets sick if someone even says the word sick. On his last tests, his igg and igm levels were dropping as well.

I love his immunologist - we travel to Boston Children's and they are wonderful with him although we are just now delving into the nutrition area and finding an optimal diet for him. I mean, he already does very well with fruits/veggies, limited amount of processed foods etc but I know that celiac's and even lactose imbalances can go frequently hand in hand and I'm not sure why no one ever suggested we do some GI testing on him?

I am probably rambling. I have been up all night with him again since he has another fever. He spikes fevers like it is his job.
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