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Re: Has anyone used the Mother-ease wizard duo?

Originally Posted by betsybikes View Post
I have one that I picked up a medium one from FSOT and I love it. Got it super cheap because the front part had come detached. 2 minutes on a sewing machine and it was good as new.

Things I like:
-double elastic - kinda like gussets
-has fit for a long time ( 6 mo - 18 mo and still strong)
-stay dry that isn't suede cloth or fleece
-no issues with stink or dry time
-high quality (even though I bought used and repaired, no real holes or wear marks)

Things I don't like:
-Hard to find on FSOT
-not natural fiber inners
-not in love with color choices

I really like this diaper, but stuck with the BGE because it was more widely available and I was going for a semi-streamlined stash. I just ordered a new BGE and can't wait to see how they compare!
Interesting. Could you post a side by side picture when you get it?
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