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Re: Punishment for this?

I get what you are saying, but I really think it is natural. It is something that they need reminding over and over again. If he thinks he will get a heavy punishment, he might lie just because he is so afraid of the consequences that it overrides his ability to think clearly.

That is the reason my husband is having those convos with the kids - are you sure you are telling the truth now? You can think about it twice because if I catch you out lying, I'm going to punish you in this way. It helps them focus and come clean.

Sometimes we let them write out their version of what happened so that they have even slower processing time.

I remember when I lied, my head felt hot, my gut twirled and all I could think is how much I will be in trouble if the truth came out that honesty will harm me. Fear can override rationality.

ETA: But I don't know your kid. I am just giving a different perspective. For some reason, I have a very vivid memory of those awkward times.
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