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I wouldn't. I did ride in my first pregnancy up to the fourth month when my baby bump started to push out far enough that I was worried about injuring the baby, and my balance was starting to change. And that was on my crazy fruit loop mare who invents things to spook at. But up to that point I had been riding daily, was in very good shape, and felt confident I could stay in the saddle in most situations. I stopped jumping, though, when I found out I was pregnant.

My second pregnancy I didn't ride at all. Since I was no longer riding regularly (funny how having a baby changes your life lol), I didn't feel that I was good enough to stay in the saddle through a freak out. I was also more aware of what, or I should say who, I was risking.

So now, no I wouldn't do it. Especially now after seeing what can happen even to the best riders in the world when a freak accident happens (such as Courtney King-Dye).
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