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Girl u/s at 16 weeks

I am scheduled for my a/s in about 3 weeks. DS brought home an ugly stomach bug, though, which I caught. I ended up in the ER getting fluids and Zofran last night after not being able to keep anything down all day. Thankfully I'm feeling much better! They ordered an u/s to check on baby and the tech was awesome! Basically, he went through everything I recall from DS's a/s (measuring everything, looking at all of the major organs, looking at spine, etc). We also peeled at the gender. Baby was a total squirm and was "dancing" so getting a good look was tough but there certainly didn't appear to be anything obvious there (which I recall from DS). The best couple shots he got looked like nothing there but a little bitty nub at the top. The tech said he was 80-90% sure it is a girl but felt it was just a bit to early for him to fully make that call. He also reminded me that he does tons of different types of u/s and is not a baby expert. Anyway, he still stuck with being pretty sure baby is a girl. We'll know for sure in 3 weeks but do any of you have any thoughts? I don't have any pics btw.

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