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Re: How to pt when not at home

We just did our first outings to friends (2) this weekend and our first outing public this morning. DD is going commando at home for the last 5 days, and has only had one (poop) accident this morning which was my fault as I should have known it was time to insist on the potty after breakfast.

For our first outings (to friends' houses) I brought along her little bjorn potty chair in a large handled grocery bag along with some cloth wipes to dry it out with once rinsed. We don't have waterproof trainers yet, so I told her we would use a 'tinkle trainer' and I just threw a padfolded flat in a Grovia cover as those are the trimmest we have and she would feel it if she peed. That way I could also bring along simply a few extra flats and they weren't bulky or even diaper like as she is used to BG4.0s for diapers. She did great - over the course of 2 days and 2 different social visits she only wet twice in the flat, and that was just a small miss she noticed and then held, we got to the potty 98% on time.

Today she insisted on wearing her big girl underwear (Hanna Anderson XS non waterproof trainers) and although we were going to the library I said "why not" as I think consequences are also good learning experiences for her. I just threw a thirsties duo over the underpants for the car ride with a small mf insert and made sure we hit the potty just before leaving and again once we got there, and again before leaving the library. She did great - because they fed the kids juice at the library, she just had one small "miss" as we pulled into our driveway which she told me about and then held it until we got upstairs.

Of course, I'm initiating most of the potty visits now but she's telling me "yes" or "no" if she has to go and is always right.

Essentials for the littlest ones PL'ing on the road are a small potty chair or a seat reducer, some prefolds or cloth wipes to wipe it out with, a wetbag or plastic bag for dirty/wet items, an extra pair of pants, a waterproof training pant or underpants with a thick crotch and a cover to go over.

Best of luck!
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