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Huge lot of inserts! Make me an offer! :).


47 (20 sold, 27 left)-Bum Genius, snappable, one-sized inserts, $1.75 each
20- ALL Sold. Bum Genius newborn inserts/ can be used as doublers, $1 each
1-Green Acre Designs - one size $2.25
1-Happy Heinys - regular sized slightly contoured, $1.75
1-Happy Heinys - newborn sized/ can be used as a doubler, slightly contoured, $1

Condition ranges from brand new/unused, to slightly dingy/used. Actual shipping to be added. Please pm your zip code & items to buy. FEEL FREE TO MAKE ME an offer IF you want the whole lot!

^^On my computer, the pic shows the Green Acre & Happy Heinys WAY dingy-er than in real life. There's a shadow from the tall stack of Bum Geniuses, sorry!

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