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Re: Would you start with K or 1st Gr?

Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
Thanks ladies...I still plan to say she's in K next year - I just wondered what level to try to put her at. We are having baby #5 over the summer so I'm getting box curriculums for the 2 that will be officially doing school next year to make my life easier and I've been struggling with whether to go with K or 1st for the boxed sets. I'm thinking I'm going to get 1st for MFW since I found it used for a good price and my DS is in 1st this year so we might even get to try some of it out with him this year depending on how the rest of the year goes...
i think you'll be fine getting 1st grade for MFW. It tends to move at a slower pace than some curriculums, so she'll be fine. if you find it's moving too slow, then either add some extra stuff to it, or ditch the part that she is doing fine with. for example, my ds1 is almost done w/his math for the year, but he is only 1/3 of the way through with his phonics. So i will start him on 3rd grade math in May, but I will keep him in the phonics book until he finishes it, so he won't be in 3rd grade phonics til prob November. really, the only reason to have the official grade level is for paperwork. just work on whatever level she is on and you'll be fine
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