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Re: Just spoke to my doctor about VBAC..

Like Canadianbakers said, they can't force you into a cesarean. It is against the law for them to refuse you if you are in active labor -- to say, sorry, go somewhere else because I won't do a VBAC. To force you into one would be assualt. They could mentally force you into one, but that is really up to you. If you feel strong enough, I would fight it. Trust your doctor and his opinion, and hope he can be there; if not, wait until you truly are in active labor (contractions 4 mins apart, 1 min long, going on for an hour) before getting to the hospital; if you arrive before active labor they CAN refuse you. But anti-patient-dumping laws make it so if you are in active labor it would be irresponsible (and a liability) for them to send you elsewhere.
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