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Re: Montessori vs Waldorf schools

My daughter us in Montessori so I clearly lean that way.
My knowledge of Montessori- love the mixed age class, rationale being you get peer mentor g when you are little and get to be a peer mentor and learn empathy as an older student. Focus on soft skills like resiliency, kindness etc.... Love the focus on taking care of environment and self-sufficiency. Yes it's structured, learn the targeted way of doing a 'job' and then you can be creative with materials. They do look at skills in a stepwise progression but also allow kids to jump and follow their interests.
Waldorf creativity and imagination are a huge focus with a heavy emphasis on avoiding outside influences popular music, tv, computer. I am married to an engineer, he would never have allowed our daughter to not be introduced to a computer for years. There is also only early admission allowed before their creativity has been infringed on.
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