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3rd hand smoke?

This seems to be a subject most people I know IRL aren't aware of. As in have never heard of. So I'm having a hard time finding support, sympathy, of even a voice of reason from there.

I grew up with a smoker, and I believe it had a significant impact on my health. Lots off sickness, extreme constant ear infections, etc...

None of our immediate family smokes. No one visiting is allowed to smoke indoors, in car, etc... What I'm worried about though is 3rd hand smoke on clothing, possessions, and being breathed out.

I'm due in July, and this is bothering me enough that I think about it daily and constantly when around a smoker

To expand a bit, this isn't going to be an every once in awhile issue. But not an everyday issue either. There are times that a heavy smoker stays with us for a few days at a time. Even if they've left and I come home later, I can still smell it in the house. And, granted my sense of smell is heightened, I feel like I should literally be able to see smoke come pouring out when they cough just from how much the smell comes out.

Am I overreacting? Being unreasonable? How do I approach the issue? I just have no idea what to do! I just know that I don't want my sweet baby breathing in those nasty fumes that are obvious from the stench it causes. I don't even want to breathe it myself.
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