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Re: Has anyone tried this homemade CD detergent? Results?

Originally Posted by fluffycheeks View Post
I've seen that before. I'm curious how it works, but I'd be surprised if it does well long term, as those are all boosters and there is no actual soap or detergent.
That's my thoughts and why I wanted to ask about it before wasting money trying it for myself. I can't see it working without soap...but I've read that you can't put soap on diapers...they actually need a detergent. I read somewhere that these ingredients are basically what charlies soap is except they have a few more things added. I don't know how true that is though. I never read the ingredients on charlies. I only used it a few times and started getting a I gave it away to a friend who I know uses it without an issue.

Originally Posted by Kay+Dave View Post
Worked for me for a while, then I started to get stink after a few months. Definitely did NOT work once DS started solids. I have had luck using half homemade and half All Free & Clear. At least that helps make the regular detergent last longer.
Thanks for the info!
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