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Re: February Chat Thread

Originally Posted by dalynn1997 View Post
Well, thought it was over last night. But because the assessment cleared us on the medical neglect and the children's hospital cleared NOW the same supervisor is basically accusing us of shaken baby and that could be why she has neuro issue/CP. hope is totally fine today. She puked 3 times Saturday night but had no fever. I didn't take her to ER and sent an email to her CW. She wasn't acting quite right for a few days but never a fever or serious. Her CW was off work so she forwarded it to supervisor incase I decided to take her to doctor.

I used the word OVERWHELMED in my email and that I no longer wanted to communicate issues with Hopes aunt so if she wanted her to know then for her to tell her. I meant overwhelmed because of communication with aunt not because if Mimi's care. Well last year this supervisor had a child die from shaken baby on her caseload at the hands of the parents. So she now feels like I warrant being investigated.

It is bad and if they remove her, I could lose her and NB who we are adopting. Scary part is that an MRI will show brain damage if Hope has CP. thankfully, I have sent so much info to her CW and hopefully it will help. Her CW was here today and she feels horrible that she forwarded the email. She is really advocating for us but admits her supervisor seems to be on a rampage.

Prayers are greatly appreciated.
Oh Mama Praying for your family. My heart is so heavy for you tonight. I can Not believe all this for a baby that had a stomach bug. Everyone has got that this winter. I am not in the medical field but I have got to think that medical evidence would clear a baby who has not been shaken so praying for that.
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