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I do love wool but there is a time commitment aspect. Yes it can repel some stains when nicely lanolized, yes it is breathable and comfy and soft and lovely. But when it IS finally time to wash and lanolize... it takes time. And then there is the price. I hate having ANY expensive item anywhere on or around a baby, it is too much pressure (for me) to keep it nice and clean and in good condition. I want cheap stuff I can beat up, lol.

If I were to do wool again (I am currently planning to discontinue wool for #2, at least until I have only 1 in diapers again and feel like life is under control) I would do only upcycled and used old interlock, have a pretty big stash and machine wash everything. And not really lanolize, maybe just a spray lanolin.

I am planning to use a lot of poly fleece for baby 2. It is not as nice as wool, but a windproof fleece is bulletproof for wetness, it breathes well for rashy times and is warm in winter, and you can throw it all in the normal wash. It sucks for summer but I figure summer is coverless or nakey time anyway
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