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Originally Posted by gingerpeachee View Post
In NY you're not legally allowed to refuse the Vit. K shot or the eye ointment. My hospital was pretty cool about the eye goop (unless they did it during the ear test and wiped it right off so I wouldn't know....) we go for the lowest dose of Vit K shot allowable by law. I've read the propaganda from both sides of the debate and I don't think the shot is all that big a deal, so we'll get it again. I'm also really big about the virgin gut though.... don't worry, whatever decision you make will probably be perfectly fine.
I'm in pa & its not mandatory. I don't feel comfortable with the high dose given at birth via shot and the extra stuff added to the injection. All that being said im more uncomfortable with not giving him any vitamin k so if I can't find the liquid I'll just do the shot.
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