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Re: What's changing in the last 6.5 years?

I have no idea!! It's all so variable depending on what 'parenting theories' you want to ascribe to.

My ped did let me know that there was a correlation between babies who started solids between 4-6 months and a lower rate of diabetes I think. It doesn't matter WHAT the first food is, like you don't have to start with rice cereal and work up to veggies, you can start with whatever appeals to baby. Also, all babies are recommended to take vitamin D supplements now, some parents do it, some don't. There is a rising trend in non-vaccinating, as well a selective and delaying vaccinations. Many people seem to be generally anti CIO in my area as well. No honey til after 2 as babies can potentially get botulism. Crib bumpers in general are recommended against in babies under a year now as well as any blankets, stuffed animals, or other fluffy things in the crib. Babies are encouraged to sleep on their backs to reduce SIDS rates (don't know how old that is...). The AAP now recommends rear facing car seats until at least age 2, and harnessing forward facing as long as possible. There's so many potential things!!
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