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Re: Thrifty kids shoes?

She was in 10s for a long time (I want to say 6-9 months) but the other 11s that she has are already tight on her so I think she's ready for 12s. She's never actually skipped a size but it seems like every other time her foot grows she goes through a size in only two or three months. So, 5 then 6 but only for 1 month, then 7 for a couple of months then we were in 8 for a while, 9 was only a short time and 10 for a while. I went ahead and got the 13 Keens, didn't want to miss the deal and because I think she's having a growth spurt she was complaining of not being able to get a size 5 shirt over her head today that was just fine a couple days ago plus she's been eating a lot more than usual.
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