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So I wonder why CB didn't.....

take full advantage of how much die-hard Elemental users love their diapers?

I just don't get it- why wouldn't you announce that the change was coming and then sell the heck out of the old style to the people who want to stock up on them? Sure they'll sell what they had left, but can't help but think that they really missed out on selling a bunch more before they retired the old style?! Seems like they are just going to drive up the price on the resale market, miss out on lots of profits for themselves, and leave a lot of customers really irked that they can't find them or have to pay way to much when they do. After reading the threads here and a couple of other places on the web, seems like more people are dissapointed with the changes than are happy about them. So it isn't like old Elemental users are just going to switch over to the new design and buy those up just because they are "Elementals". Do you think that they really thought that would be the case after making such big changes to the design?
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