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Re: feeling hopeless about my 4 year old

*HUGS* mama. I think having four kids within a short period of time has made this more stressful than normal. Is there anyone else to help you take care of the kids or train her? What is your DH doing to help as well? I guess I am asking if you have any support from other moms, your DH, or relatives in the area to give you a break. I think potty training is just a small part of the stress you are going through at the moment. I was going haywire when I was preggers with #3 so I can imagine it being worse when preggers with #4 and trying to PT. I was getting really frustrated with DS2 when I was training him because I also have a newborn (6 mo) who is not sleeping through the night. And... there he is in the background crying... again! Keep us posted, mama!
I forgot to add that my LO's are 3.5 yo, 2 yo, and 6 months, and I was crazy hormonal when I was preggers and postpartum with #3 once DH went back to work. Things have gotten better now, but I still have "moments" with the oldest- and I'm planning on homeschooling all of my children- I know, CRAZY! Maybe you could just spend some one-one time with your DD to reconnect- she needs mama love and soon before she starts resenting you or seeing you as the poop police. She obviously knows that PTing is on your mind EVERYDAY. You don't want the resentment to keep building, even though you know she's not with holding to be malicious.

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